About Us

WBCgear is the exclusive distributor of licensed apparel of World Boxing Council (WBC).
WBCgear is formed in association with the WBC, Learfield Partners, and Scalable Press. We started with the goal of providing millions of fans of WBC access to the customized apparel and merchandising from their favorite boxers. Our missioncore philosophy is to provide high-quality gear at affordable prices for people from all age groups toand show their passion and love for boxing.

We believe in the mission of WBC and want to help in promoting the boxing community across the world. The boxing industry has gone through many changes over past few years, and we want to help in supporting the ecosystem.

Our Vision: Become the preferred destination where all boxers can engage with their fans and boxing enthusiasts, becoming one-stop hub for boxing apparel and merchandise.

Our Mission: Make it easy for people to connect with boxers and provide tools for boxers to stay connected with the fans.

Please share your ideas with us at support@wbcgear.com.

This initiative is powered by Scalable Licensing.